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TouchWiz for CM13

1.44 usd

I introduce TouchWizA stable and elegant theme for everyday useIt contains all stock apps themed, 900+ iconsBoot animation, sounds, fonts, wallpapers, and more.A perfect adaptation, color scheme and designbesides the little details will make you love this theme.
This Theme work on CM13 / 12.1 / 12 And other roms with support for themes by Cyanogen
Restart the device after applying this theme.
The navigation bar shows only the main color of the app.
We recommend using a font size slightly smaller than normal.
For now there is no support for languages with inverted text.
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Theme Engine
* Framework (holo/material)* Audio fx* Browser* Calculator (aosp/google)* Calendar* Camera (aosp/cyngn)* Contacts (aosp/google)* Dialer (aosp/cyngn/google)* DocumentsUI (downloads)* File manager* Gallery (aosp/cyngn)* Email* Keyboard holo white (aosp/google)* Launcher (cyngnmod/google)* Lock screen* Lock clock (widget weather)* Messenger (aosp/google)* Music (eleven)* Quick settings* Settings* Sound recorder* Status bar* Themes* Theme store* Updater
* Boxer calendar* Boxer email* Google translate* Google settings* Google search* Hangouts* Instagram* Facebook* Nova launcher* Whatsapp